Univeyor Conveyors
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Univeyor gravity (non-powered) conveyors
Univeyor Live Roller Conveyors
Univeyor Belt Conveyors
Univeyor Conveyor Specifications
Rollers C510 to C515
Rollers C520 to C533
Rollers C542 to C552
Rollers C560 to C588
Rollers C600 to C624
Rollers C640 to C653
Rollers C744 to C749
Rollers C746 to C751
Rollers C752 to C759
Rollers C820 to C844
Roller Capacities
Wheels C980, C984
Wheels C982, C983
Wheels C985, C986
Wheels C981 to C986
Wheel C983
Roller Diagram

Conveyor Roller Specifications

Conveyor rollers, loading, grades and classes.

B is the dimension we need to get you the right roller.

B is sometimes called BFR, the distance Between Frame Rails.